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Kraft Paper – Compostable
Kraft Paper – Compostable - is a laminate structure made from 3 layers. Top layer is made from PaperWise kraft paper, which is produced 100% from agro waste. It gives the pouch it‘s natural look and feel. Middle layer is Natureflex cellulose film from Futamura, which gives the pouch it‘s barrier properties for longer shelf life. Inner layer is PLA film which acts as a bio-sealant. It gives the pouch structural stability and sealing properties. All our pouches can be in direct contact with food. Declaration of conformity is available, contact us for more information.

Templates and design instructions

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Application and filling information

Stand up pouches are a great and sustainable way to pack your products. Just by switching from rigid packaging to flexible packaging, such as pouches has tremendous sustainability benefits. You can read our report on sustainability and printing technology here.

From a sales point of view pouches are convenient to showcase your products, as they stand up on the shelves and can communicate your branding strategy. Longer shelf life is achieved because of their reusable zip lock, which keeps the product air tight.

We recommend to use stand up pouches for dry food products, powders, liquids, pet foods, chemical products or any other non-food product like textiles small spare parts.

Stand up pouches can be filled by hand or by an automated filling machine. Once the products have been filled into the pouch, it can be secured by closing the zipper and heat sealing the excess material above the zipper to make the pouch tamper proof. When opening the end user simply has to cut straight along the tear notches at the top of the pouch and pull open the resealable zip lock to access the contents of the pouch.

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